108 Divya Desam - Thiruvelliankudi Kolavilli Ramar

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Thiruvelliankudi Kolavilliramar temple details


Sri Maragada Valli Samedha Sri Ksheerabdhinaadha Parabramhane Namaha
Srimathe Sri Ramanujaya Namaha
Srimathe Sri Nigamantha MahaDesikaya Namaha

"Sriyak Kanthaya Kalyana Nithaye Nithayethina
Sri Sukrapura Nivasaya Sundarangaya Mangalam"
- Mangalasthuthi of Sri Kolavilli Ramar

About Thiruvelliankudi - 108 Divya Desam

Dear Devotees,
Thiruvelliankudi, the very name brings joy to the heart of a true devotee, For this is the place where Sriman Narayana had made his abode for 4 yugas.

The temple is one of 108 divya desams and has 10 nectar like songs dedicated on the temple, the Lord Sri Kola villi Ramar and the Kshetram by Sri Thirumangai Alwar.

The temple had existed for 4 yugas and has its roots in the Vamana - Thiruvikrama episode of Sriman Narayana's Dasavathara.

Sri Thiruvelliangudi Kolavilli Ramar - Muthangi Sevai


Sri Sukracharya's Vision regained

Sri Sukra after loosing his vision in the vamana avatar episode, came here to seek pardon and Perumalis lost vision back from Lord Sriman Narayana.

The benevolent Lord bestowed Sukracharya's vision and also asked him to ask any boon.

The humble Sukracharya asked for the following:

Sri Sukracharya's Boon

1) The Lord should be ever present as Sriman Narayana in the Milky Ocean ( Sheerabdhi ) - in this place ( then known as Bhargava puri after Sri Sukracharya ).
2) The Lord should take the hands of his daughter Sri Maragadhavalli in marriage.
3) The Lord should cure all the eye ailments and other problems in life of any devotee who comes to this temple.
4) Those visiting this temple should get the benefit of visiting all the 108 divya desams and other theertha kshetrams of Lord Sri Hari Vishnu.

The Great Lord Sriman Narayana accepted to all the requests by Sri Sukracharya.

According to his wish, Sri Sukracharya, called upon the Asura Architect Mayan to build the most beautiful temple to the Lord.

Mayan - the Asura Architect's masterpiece

Mayan wanted to challenge the deva architect Vishwakarma who had already built the temple for Lord in Sri Vaikunta - hence Mayan wanted to build such a beautiful place in World that it would beat the beauty of Sri Vaikunta.

Mayan built the temple as ordered by his Acharya, Sri Sukra.

Pleased by his service, the Lord granted a boon to Mayan and Mayan requested the boon that the Lord should give dharshan as Sri Rama, the avatar which Lord will be taking in the future.

Sriman Naryana gave dharshan as Sri Kola Villi Raman ( Sringara Sundaran ) with all his beauty, with his four hand form having Shanka, Chakra, Abhaya Hastha and Kati Hastha with bow & arrow on his shoulders and flanked by Sri Devi and Bhu Devi.

Mayan's Vision of Sri Rama

Mayan was blessed with this vision and was asked to ask for a boon again - and Mayan again asked the Lord to be present in the same form for all 4 yugas and give dharshan to all the devotees who come to the temple - and behold even today the Lord is giving the same dharshan to all the devotees visiting the temple.

Reaching the temple

Thiruvelliankudi Kolavilli Ramar temple can be reached comfortably by Auto or Taxi from Kumbakonam. The charge To and Fro from the temple is around Rs. 65 to Rs. 70.
The temple is maintained by The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment board of Tamil Nadu government.

Help the temple & get god's blessing

Most of the temple kaimkaryams are done by donations by bhakthas from India and Abroad.
Perumal has performed many miracles in all the yugas and kali yuga is no exception.
Perumal's glory is far spread and devotees throng the temple in Fridays for the special pujas for Sukra Vaaram.

Sri Sridevi Sri Bhudevi samedha Sri Kolavilli Ramar Thirumanjanam 


Watch the Aarthi to Sri Sringara Sundara ( Sri Kolavilli Ramar) from 13:50 in the above youtube.

Visit the temple

Those planning a trip to Kumbakonam should plan a trip to Thiruvelliankudi.
Visiting this temple is said to bestow the fruits of visiting all the 108 divya desams - the only divya desam having this distinction. After having the beautiful dharshan of Sri Kolavilli Ramar and Maragadhavalli Thayar, dont forget to have the dharshan of the miraculous Red Banana Tree( Chevvazhai ) which is the sthala vruksham and grows on stone slab just next to the garbhagraha. Sri Thirumangai Alwar has sung on this Kshetram in 10 beautiful songs dedicated to Lord Sri Kolavilli Ramar sanctifying this kshetram as one of 108 Divya Desam.

Acharyas who had done aradhane to Sri Kola Villi Ramar

Starting from Sri Sukracharya, His daughter Sri Maragadha Valli ( Sri Mahalakshmi ),
Sri Markandeya Maharishi,
Sri Mayan - the Asura Architect,
Sri Parasara Maharishi,
Alwar - Sri Thirumangai Alwar,
Both Sri Ramanujar and Sri Nigamantha Maha Desikan have done Mangalasasanam to this temple.
Sri Manavaala Maamunigal has also done mangalasaasanam to Perumal at this temple.
Sri Thirukkudanthai Andavan swamigal did chaturmasyam in the Kshetram and also presided over the first samprokshanam.
Sri Mukkoor Azhagiya Singar had visited and done mangalasasanam to Perumal.
Sri Chandra Shekarendra Swamigal ( Kanchi Paramacharya ) had visited this temple.
Sri Jeyandra Saraswathi Swamigal had also visited this temple.

Planning your visit to the temple

Please call up the temple archakar, Sri S. Rama Moorthy Battachar at the following telephone numbers before visiting the temple. He can arrange prasadam and special puja for perumal if requested by you before coming to the temple.
Contact Sri S. Rama Moorthy Battachar (Ask for kolavilliramar battachary) in the following telephone number:
Land line number: 91 - 0435 - 2943152
Cell number: 91 - 9443396212
Devotees abroad and in India can contact Sri Rama moorthy battachar swamy to do sankalpam on their behalf for friday pujas and can money order Rs. 100 to get Kumkuma prasadam of Sri Maragadavalli and Sri Kolavilli Ramar with Tulsi and Flowers offered for perumal during the friday puja.
Money orders with request for sankalpam ( specify your name, nakshatam, gotram and day on which you want the puja) to the following address:

Sri. S. Ramamoorthy Battachariya
Sri Kolavilli Ramar Aalayam, Thiruvelliangudi,
Palakudi Post, Thirumangalakkudi ( Via),
Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu,
India - PIN - 612 102
or email me on the following email address for any details on Kolavilli Ramar kovil:

Thanks and regards,
Adiyen - Sri Ramanuja Dasan - Thiruvelliankudi Kudikandadai Vijayaraghavan

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