108 Divya Desam - Thiruvelliankudi Kolavilli Ramar

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Thiruvelliyangudi - Sri Kolavilli Ramar - Vishnupathi Punya Kaalam

Dear Devotees of Lord Sri Hari Vishnu,

Vishnupathi punya kaalam is celebrated with much fan fare in Thiruvelliyangudi Sri Kolavilli Ramar temple.
The significance of Vishnu pathi punya kaalam is that Sri Hari Vishnu's grace is present at that time in abundance.
The Vishnu pathi punya kaalam occurs during the following 4 days only of any year.

1st day of the month of Vaikasi ( Rishabha maasam ),
1st day of month of Aavani ( Simha maasam ),
1st day of month of Karthigai ( Vrischika maasam ) and
1st day  of month of Maasi ( Kumbha maasam).

These zodiac signs are of utmost important and doing Thirumanjanam ( Celestial bath ), performing archana to Sri Kola Villi Ramar and subsequently distributing prasadam to devotees is seen bringing utmost benefits to the devotees.

Please find below, the Thirumanjanam, Archana and Prasadham distribution ( Anna Dhaanam ) to devotees during the Dhurmuki Vaikasi Vishnupathi.

For taking part in this great moment of Vishnupathi punya kaala Aaradhanai and Thirumanjanam and to do anna dhaanam during this auspicious day - please contact temple priest - Sri Rama Moorthy Bhattacharya Swamigal at the below contact number well in advance of 1 month to arrange for the necessary details.

Sri Rama Moorthy Battacharya Swamigal can be reached at the below address and contact numbers:

Contact Sri S. Rama Moorthy Battachar (Ask for kolavilliramar battachary) in the following telephone number:
Land line number: 91 - 0435 - 2943152
Cell number: 91 - 9443396212

Alternatively, you can send postal mails to the following address:

Sri. S. Ramamoorthy Battachariya
Sri Kolavilli Ramar Aalayam, Thiruvelliangudi,
Palakudi Post, Thirumangalakkudi ( Via),
Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu,
India - PIN - 612 102

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