108 Divya Desam - Thiruvelliankudi Kolavilli Ramar

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Sthala Puranam - History

The Temple

Regarding Kolavilli Ramar temple, This temple is in a village called Thiruvelliankudi very close to Kumbakonam. It is one of the 9 vaishnava navagraha kshetram dedicated to Sri Sukran. Sri Sukran is supposed to bring wealth, prosperity and happiness during his time in rasi chakra - 'sukra desha' - hence visiting this temple on friday will bring the greatest benefit of both Vishnu dharshan and Sukra Dharshan.


The History & Mythology

The temple is the place where Sri Sukracharya recieved his lost vision and gave his daughter Sri Maragadavalli to Sri Ksheerabdhi Nathan.
As he wished Perumal to give dharshan in Kalyana thirukkolam Perumal gave his shanka and chakra to Garuda and Sri Garuda is in a udyoga (getting up) posture here.
The Garudan is special in this temple as he is having perumal's shanka and chakra - Garuda bestows devotees visiting this temple with abundant prosperity, happiness, success, long life, healthy body and able mind. He is said to invisibly cure the illness through his amrutha balam.
Garudan here is like the chatur bhuja yoga anjaneya in Solingur - he protects the devotees of Lord with Lord's divyastrams.

The Lord and his Consort

Regarding Perumal - Perumal Moolavar is in reclining position with Adhisesha as his bed. Moolavar is ksheerabdhi naathan. Around 1800 years ago, Sri Thirumangai Alwar came to this temple and sang 10 paasurams (divine songs) on this perumal. He called the utsavar as Sri Kola Villi Ramar and hence the name came to him.
The utsavar is a marvel of beauty and his original name was Sringara Sundarar. He is the one in the photo.
When Sri Sukracharya got back his vision by Perumal's grace, he lit a lamp called nanda deepam as a mark of respect for perumal and this deepam is still lit in the temple continously for 4 yugas. Since perumal bestowed the vision of Sukracharya and all who come to have his dharshan - he is also called Netra Narayanan.

Regarding the temple - the temple existed for 4 yugas and it was built by Asura architect Mayan on command by his Asura Guru Sukracharyan. Of all the 108 divya desams this is the only divya desam holding this distinction. Sri Sukracharya has also did penance nearby in a tank and this is called sukra theertham.
Sri Parasara, the great Vaishnavite guru, father of Veda Vyasa, built the sukra theertham into a pushkarani and hence the name - parasara pushkarni.

In the garbagraha, moolavar gives dharshan as sayana moorthy with Bhooma devi and Sri Markandeya on both sides praying him. It is a wonderful experience visiting the temple and getting rejuvinated of the beautiful village scenary and Perumal's grace along with Garudan. Also make a point to see the sthala vruksha of red banana growing on stone slab - its a miracle thats going on in this kshetram for years. Also have dharshan of the Yoga Narasimhar and Anjaneyar in the temple.

Sriyak Kanthaya Kalyana Nithaye Nithayethina
Sri Sukrapura Nivasaya Sundarangaya Mangalam. 
- Mangala Sthuthi of Sri Kolavilliramar