108 Divya Desam - Thiruvelliankudi Kolavilli Ramar

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Homams & other specialities


As mentioned earlier, this kshetram is where Sri Sukracharya recieved his vision back and gave his daughter Sri Maragadhavalli's hands in marriage to Sri Kolavilli Ramar ( The photo above showing Sri Maragadhavalli, Sri Sridevi Sri Bhudevi samedha Sri Kola Villi Ramar with the Sukra Deepam  near by).

As a mark of gratitude to Sriman Narayana's grace on him, Sri Sukracharya lit the Nandaa Deepam ( Sukra Deepam ) and is ever present in this kshetram.

Hence this kshetram came to be called Bhargava Puri ( Bhargava meaning Sukracharya ), Sukra Puri or Thiru Vellian Kudi ( Vellian meaning Sukran and kudi meaning kshetram in tamil).

During the marriage, Sriman Narayana gave his Shanka and Chakra to Sri Garuda. Hence in this kshetram alone Sri Garuda is in udyoga position ( getting up position ) ready to hand over the Shanka and Chakra to Sriman Narayana. But During this yuga of kali, it was Sriman Narayana's wish that Sri Garuda must have these two weapons to protect the devotees of Sriman Narayana by ushering them healthy life rid from all the evils of diseases.

Hence praying to Sri Chatur Bhuja Garudan is said to bestow the Amrutham in our body which will cure all ailments and give a hale and healthy body to the devotees.

Hence who ever is having trouble in life due to eye problems, navagraha doshams, marriage problems, general ailments and other diseases, can do Homams for the specific purposes. 

These homams are conducted in front of Both Sri Kola Villi Ramar and Sri Chatur Bhuja Garudan sannidhis.
Hence having the blessing of both of them.

Sri Kola Villi Ramar is a vara prasadhi - his curative powers and vision giving powers are well known - many devotees have personally written to me explaining their miraculous recovery from chronic health and eye related diseases. 

The Sukra Homam which is done every friday is a must visit for any one planning to visit the temple. The homam has the power to rid people off the monetary problems and eye ailments as well as bringing more success to the life of the devotees and also giving them greater administrative positions.

Sriyak Kanthaaya Kalyana Nithaye Nithaye thina
Sri Sukra Pura Nivasaya Sundarangaya Mangalam